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Wednesday, 14 September

Thursday, 15 September

Friday, 16 September


Opening Session



Plenary keynote
Anthony Przybylski and Xavier Gandibleux


Parallel Session T1
T1a: Network Design II
T1b: Covering Problems


Plenary Session F1
F1a: Applications II




Coffee & Photo




Parallel Session W1
W1a: Network Design I
W1b: Multi-objective


Parallel Session T2
T2a: Discrete Location
T2b: Applications I


Plenary keynote
Safia Kedad-Sidhoum








Parallel Session W2
W2a: Hub Location
W2b: Location under Uncertainty


Parallel Session F2
F2a: Network Design III
F2b: Competitive Location




City Tour




Parallel Session W3
W3a: Location-Routing
W3b: Continuous Location




EWGLA Session


Welcome Reception
Aveiro Museum / Santa Joana


Conference Dinner
Casa de São Sebastião


Detailed Program


Session W1a: Network Design I, Wednesday 10:45-12:00, Room: 23.1.5,
Chair: Antonio M. Rodríguez-Chía
  • Helmuth Raddatz-García and Armin Lüer-Villagra
    A rapid transit network design problem considering deterministic users’ utility functions and route attributes
  • Filipe Alvelos, Eduardo Cunha, David Neto, Susete Marques, Isabel Martins, Mariana Dias, António Gonçalves, António Vieira and Sarah Moura
    Location with network design for wildfire surveillance and response
  • Francisco Temprano Garcia, Justo Puerto, Antonio Manuel Rodríguez-Chía and Stefano Benati
    Location of overlapping groups in graphs based on internal edge density


Session W1b: Multi-objective, Wednesday 10:45-12:00, Room: 23.1.6,
Chair: Francisco Saldanha da Gama
  • Elif Goksu Ozturk, Pedro Rocha, Margarida Lima, Ana Maria Rodrigues, José Soeiro Ferreira, Isabel Cristina Lopes, Cristina de Oliveira and Ana Catarina Nunes
    Building a Web System for Sectorization
  • Maria Margarida Lima, Elif Öztürk, Pedro Rocha, Cristina Lopes, Cristina Oliveira, Ana Maria Rodrigues, José Soeiro Ferreira and Ana Catarina Nunes
    Resectorization Problems
  • Zehranaz Dönmez, Bahar Yetiş Kara, Özlem Karsu and Francisco Saldanha da Gama
    Humanitarian Supply Chain Planning: The effect of location decisions on fair allocations of donations


Session W2a: Hub Location, Wednesday 13:30-15:10, Room: 23.1.5,
Chair: Armin
  • Brenda Cobeña, Ivan Contreras, Luisa I., Martínez-Merino and Antonio M. Rodríguez-Chía
    Including elastic demand in the hub line location problem
  • Inmaculada Espejo, Alfredo Marín, Juan Manuel Muñoz-Ocaña and Antonio Manuel Rodríguez-Chía
    A further study of single allocation hub location problem
  • Nicolas Zerega Oyarzun and Armin Lüer-Villagra
    A profit-maximizing hub location problem with explicit users’ utility functions
  • Carmen Ana Dominguez-Bravo, Elena Fernández and Armin Lüer-Villagra
    Profit-maximizing hub network design with hub congestion and time-sensitive demands


Session W2b: Location under Uncertainty, Wednesday 13:30-15:10, Room: 23.1.6,
Chair: Teresa Melo
  • Bowen Zhang, Xiang Li and Francisco Saldanha-da-Gama
    Dealing with congestion in the Battery Swapping Station Location Problem
  • Antonio Diglio, Juanjo Peiró, Carmela Piccolo and Francisco Saldanha da Gama
    Heuristics for districting problems with probabilistic constraints
  • Paulo Moreira and Francisco Saldanha-da-Gama
    Insights on Decision and Forecast Horizons for Multi-Period Facility Location, under Uncertainty
  • Teresa Melo and Isabel Correia
    Multi-period facility location and capacity planning under uncertainty


Session W3a: Location-Routing,Wednesday 15:25-16:40, Room: 23.1.5,
Chair: Rui Borges Lopes
  • Syu-Ning Johnn, Joerg Kalcsics, Victor-Alexandru Darvariu, Andreea Avramescu and Julia Handl
    Solving the Location-Routing-Districting Problem
  • Carlos Valverde, Lavinia Amorosi and Justo Puerto
    An extended model of coordination of an all-terrain vehicle and a multivisit drone
  • Bruna Figueiredo and Rui Borges Lopes
    Sustainability and resilience in a location-routing problem


Session W3b: Continuous Location, Wednesday 15:25-16:40, Room: 23.1.6,
Chair: Diego Ponce
  • Abdulaziz Alageel, Martino Luis and Shuya Zhong
    The Continuous Capacitated P-Median Problem with Supplier Selection in a three-tier Supply Chain under Sustainability
  • Ricardo Gázquez and Víctor Blanco
    Fairness in Maximal Covering Facility Location Problems
  • Victor Blanco, Ricardo Gázquez, Diego Ponce and Justo Puerto
    A branch-and-price for the continuous multifacility monotone ordered median problem


Session T1a: Network Design II, Thursday 9:30-11:10, Room: 23.1.5,
Chair: Juan A. Mesa
  • Hamidreza Rezaei, Nathalie Bostel, Vincent Hovelaque and Olivier Péton
    A large neighborhood search for a value-oriented supply chain design
  • Robert Aboolian and Majid Karimi
    Benefit Maximizing Network Design in the Public Sector
  • Isabel Correia and Teresa Melo
    Multi-period distribution network redesign under flexible conditions
  • María Calvo, Juan A. Mesa and Federico Perea
    Covering Multilayer Network Design Problems


Session T1b: Covering Problems, Thursday 9:30-11:10, Room: 23.1.6,
Chair: Boglárka G.-Tóth
  • Silvia Baldassarre, Giuseppe Bruno, Ioannis Giannikos, Maria Michopoulou and Carmela Piccolo
    A Hierarchical Nested Cooperative Location model
  • Marta Baldomero-Naranjo, Jörg Kalcsics and Antonio M. Rodríguez-Chía
    The upgrading version of the Maximal Covering Location Problem: an algorithmic approach
  • Serena Fugaro and Antonino Sgalambro
    Multi-Objective Covering Location Problems with advanced connectivity features and zonal requirements: Exact and Matheuristic approaches


Session T2a: Discrete Location, Thursday 11:45-13:00, Room: 23.1.5,
Chair: Alfredo Marín
  • Laura Antón Sánchez, Mercedes Landete and Francisco Saldanha-da-Gama
    Upgrading connections in the p-center location problem
  • Luisa Isabel Martínez-Merino, Diego Ponce and Justo Puerto
    Constraint Relaxation for the Discrete Ordered Median Problem
  • Alfredo Marín
    Insights on the p-center problem


Session T2b: Applications I, Thursday 11:45-13:00, Room: 23.1.6,
Chair: Ana Catarina Nunes
  • David Canca, Alicia De Los Santos, Alejandro Zarzo and Gabriel Villa
    A multilayer line planning model for the design/expansion of public transportation systems
  • Ana Catarina Nunes, Ana Maria Rodrigues, José Soeiro Ferreira, Pedro Rocha, Elif Öztürk, Isabel Cristina Lopes, Cristina Oliveira and Maria Margarida Lima
    Dynamic Sectorization with time changing demand


Session F1a: Applications II, Friday 9:30-11:10, Room: 23.1.5,
Chair: Joana Dias
  • Okan Dukkanci, Bahar Kara and James F. Campbell
    Facility location decisions for drone delivery: A literature review
  • Gonzalo Mendez-Vogel, Vladimir Marianov, Armin Lüer-Villagra and H.A. Eiselt
    Location with Multipurpose Shopping and Partially Binary Logit rule
  • Hatice Çalık, Tony Wauters and Greet Vanden Berghe
    Exam location and room selection
  • José Nelas and Joana Dias
    Locating emergency vehicles considering delays in the arrival of assistance


Session F2a: Network Design III, Friday 14:00-15:15, Room: 23.1.5,
Chair: Alberto Torrejón Valenzuela
  • Oscar H. Ariztegui Beltrán, David L. Cortes, William J. Guerrero, Mehrdad Mohammadi and Olivier Péton
    The tree of hubs location problem with inter-hub stopovers
  • Ramón Piedra de la Cuadra, Giuseppe Bruno and Francisco A. Ortega
    Bilevel optimization for the location of charging stations in corridors
  • Justo Puerto Albandoz, Miguel Ángel Pozo Montaño and Alberto Torrejón Valenzuela
    Location, connection and order in discrete networks


Session F2b: Competitive Location, Friday 14:00-15:15, Room: 23.1.6,
Chair: Armin Lüer-Villagra
  • Boglárka G.-Tóth
    Costumer selection rules in competitive facility location
  • Gonzalo Méndez-Vogel, Vladimir Marianov and Armin Lüer-Villagra
    An exact method for the competitive facility location problem under the nested logit choice rule